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Lerner Pulls OUT Of Villa Approach

Yet more developments and at the moment, I want to stay calm and level headed until the full facts are out.

Randy Lerner has pulled out of the race to buy Aston Villa, before putting in a bid, following a day of meetings.

The reason?

Doug Ellis.

Doug is trying to play people off against each other and this is what the result is.

The facts should become clear over the next day or so, we've certainly asked the Lerner advisers to go public on exactly what Doug Ellis has managed to mess up for Aston Villa.

You see, no matter how exciting things might get, you have to account for the Ellis Factor.

We've said it before, we'll say it again, Beware The Menace of B6.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 26 2006

Time: 8:50PM

Your Comments

Hang on in there yanks Ellis is an old ***** but if you are the businessmen you are supposed to be tough it out Please
Thanks Alot Doug!
I think I prefer the idea of the Neville bid anyway and he knows what he's up against with Doug and has done the due diligence. In addition, he understands what part football plays in the life of a football fan and the role it played in english culture. He has also put in a bid, more than Lerner managed. As I have said before, I don't want to buy the league l Chelsea, I want to see something built over time. I'd rather be competing for the title in 5-8 years and the every year after that than win the title for the next 3 years adn then watch the club colapse when Lerner looses interest and pulls his backing out. I wonder if he got upset when Doug questioned his motives.....
Villain Of The North
What a complete W*****R if he messes it up this time. Woe betide him if he does....
Its not really a suprise that he has done this, he was probably looking for an extra 250 in his pocket. Penny wise pound foolish!
NY Villa
typical Ellis was involved in this... must be old age turning him into a greedy old man. i can just imagine the headlines tommorrow "Tight Doug forces Randy to pull out at last minute"
Its early days, we have still to find who is behind the other bids.
never felt comfortable with the lerner bid...whats his motive...i think long term we will be better with the neville bid.
lol - your going to end up with Sven and his backers...
VOTN I hear what you are saying but I will take any investment, Lerner has not struck me as a loose interest guy. Doug I am sure played silly buggars thinking he was the belle of the ball. I hope this is a tactic, a man of his stature does not visit for 2 days look around, not balk at the price in the begining and then pull out. Unless of course Doug said something about his mother!
NY Villa
What worries me is if Lerner has pulled out for good with no intention of coming back in, what if something happens to the Neville bid with Dougs dilly dallying. Neville said it has to happen quickly or not at all. Now thw Athole Still coming out of Villa park, its only Sky that say he has been involved in a consortium. My dread is he was there talking over a contract for one of his clients to be installed as manager .. Strachan, Craig Brown, Coppell ?. I truly hope the Neville bid goes through cos i think its the right one for villa with O'Neill and all. I just think doug will use assurances about transfer cash as the get out !!
It must be Neville now. I favoured the American bid , now I favour the ABE bid (ANYONE BUT ELLIS).
Hold on there folks..... How serious was Randy anyway? Yesterday this forum was stating that Randy was going to bid. I questioned this info yesterday. As it turns out I was right to question it. Your info was inaccurate. If Ellis has stuffed then how can that be? Randy is a billion dollar businessman he knows the game and he would see Ellis as a very poor old man compared to his billions and nouse. No, if he has pulled out it is because of the poor returns an average premier league clubs achieves. Correction - the average loss a club makes in this league.
Yet Randy has "pulled out" without actually putting in an "official"bid. With a little more time I have shelved the disappointment of the initial news and now fervently hope "the lifelong Villa fan" and his consortium is successful as one would hope they maybe more in touch with the club and what we have had to suffer for the last 8 or 9 years
We all know full well, although with all of the excitement we may have overlooked the fact, that Ellis will conduct all discussions with prospective suitors, with a view to getting whats best for Doug Ellis, not what's best for Aston Villa Football Club. We will do well to remember that fact, because for as long as he's in the equation, all takeover talk will remain just that, talk. He will not let go easily.
Whats the betting that Lerner has pulled out because ellis wants to remain in some capacity at AVFC. There are rumours that Neville will let ellis stay on in some sort of role so Ellis will accept his bid. Ellis is a complete W****R.
I can't agree with you glensider. Ellis paid what?, some like 500,000 for his share of Villa and he is being offered 60 mill +. He will sell but I do believe he wants to leave a legacy behind that states he did his best whether we agree or disagree. He is 82 years old and a mill here or there is irrevalent to a man who could die at any given moment.
I want what Arsenal have got. Full stop.
It would be a turn up for the books if Lerner decided to back Neville seeing as they both want the samething. Is this a possibility or has Lerner decided he'd prefer something a bit more Londonish?
It seems obvious to me why he has pulled out. The asking price at 70 mill + is ridiculously high. Neville is using all his resources to get control. He will then try to bluff his way from there. Does that remind you od someone else. He's already started. Did you see the interview on BBC today? Lerner therefore sees having to spend 70mill for the shares plus probably another 30mill to rebuild the team as being far too high a price to pay - which is excatly what I forecast 3 days ago. All astute business men will come to the same conclusion. So don't be surpprised if Neville's backers come to the same conclusion when they examine the figures for themselves. Remember the Comer's "hype" last year - Neville offering 4.75 /share - why didn't that go through? Perhaps the Comers discovered that more money was realistically needed than Mr Neville had told them. I just wonder therefore whether this will end up as before. Obviously, it will be nice to make a few quid from selling my shares to Neville at 5.60 or possobly more if Ellis can still "squeeze" him. However I have the feeling that the Club will suffer and probably never recover. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.
Ok so maybe next time I'll proof read :o)
Villain Of The North
Villacross, where do you get your information? You apper to be pulling figures out of the air or figures mentioned by one source but vastly different from the majority. Ellis's askingg price is generally excepted to be between 57 and 64 million, not 70 million plus. (The difference between 57 and 60 is bgreat enough to be considered wildly innacurate if one of them proves to be correct) Where do tou get the figure of 4.75 per share being offered last year? No bid was made so no offer was made, this is pure fantasy (Not necessarily your's but someone's). Steve64k, Ellis does not stand to make 60 million from his shares as he does not own the club outright. The figures of 57-64 million are for the entire share issue, not just Ellis's stake. If the price is 64 mill, Ellis would stand to sell for arround 22 million, alot of moiney but not even close to 60 million.
Villain Of The North
he's determined to have the last laugh. ****ing coffin dodger
I must say Mr Fear, I thought you might use the headline "Randy Lerner pulls out early" :o)
Villain Of The North

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